Founded & Created by John Panepinto (2020)

"Find What Fuels You & Ride It To The Top"

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Welcome to Purpose & Action. My name is John Panepinto, and I help young people find their mission, take massive action, integrate good habits into their life, and reach their potential.

I’m not a guru, I’m not a “master,” and I’m certainly not some perfect entity who’s the living embodiment of potential realized. I’m just a guy who strives to better each day.

I've learned to find the gifts in adversity. I have learned to triumph through tough times, and find the answers to the important questions a young person should be asking themselves if they want to reach their potential in life. 
This is a passion project of mine - for the young people of today that are lost - I believe this website will help give you all the motivation and answers you need to conquer your life!
Make it what it should be. 


Life goes by very quickly - and if you play your cards right in your younger years, you can really set yourself up to be something special. To do something special. For a greater purpose that makes the world a better place.


The high-level problems we solve come in two forms - and they are wide-spread today.

#1 - Lack of Achievement

#2 - Lack of Fulfillment

Many people wander through life just expecting things to “magically happen” for them. They put things off, and they don't grab the bull by the horns when they should.

Later on in life - this results in a lack of achievement (and regret).

On the other end - there are also a lot of people in this world who achieve great levels of success, whether it be with money, health, or relationships 

- yet they still feel empty, as if something (a purpose) is missing.

This results in a lack of fulfillment (and regret).

I know this because I've been on both of these paths before - but with the extreme curiosity, audacity and urgency to find the answers - I found my way, and I found the path to reaching one's purpose and one's potential.

There is A LOT of upside to this - especially the sooner in life that you can find your way and begin deploying the daily disciplines we teach on this website. It compounds over time.

We only get one chance at life - and we should strive to make it our best one possible.

This is exactly why Purpose & Action exists. 

To help you maximize your potential and minimize regret.


I help you find your purpose, grab the bull by the horns in all areas of your life, take action, and ultimately maximize your achievement and fulfillment in life.


So that not only are you performing at a high-level, but you're also working towards something that means something and makes the world a better place. 

  • Purpose gives you the meaning, direction, and fuel you need to be excited and enthusiastic to tackle each day. 

  • Consistent Action gives you the results, outcomes, and that life that you've always wanted.

On this website - you'll be getting all of the tools you need to do this. The mindset, the beliefs, the laws of life, and the practises, actions, and habits you must adopt.

Everything you want out of life - it can be yours. All you need is the guts, grit, and courage to go out and get what you want.

So why wait?

Book-mark this website, subscribe to this blog, and begin the journey of finding your purpose, taking action, and growing into the best person you're capable of being.


Purpose & Action is for young people who are looking to level-up their life, and become a better version of themselves.

You Must Have Two Essential Characteristics To Benefit From Purpose & Action:

#1 - You Have Recognized That There Is Are Obstacles / Challenges You Have To Overcome To Get To Where You Want To Go

#2 - You Are Open-Minded, Have A Desire To Learn and Improve.

If you already have everything figured out, if you're completely satisfied with your current belief systems, habits, and the results you're getting in all areas of your life (money, health, relationships, and happiness), and you aren't willing to listen, improve or level-up from where you currently are - then this isn't for you. 

This is for people who want to be better, and are willing to learn new things - plain and simple. 


To Help Young People Find Their Purpose, Take Action, and Grow Into The Best Versions of Themselves In All Major Areas of Their Life.


To Inspire The Next Generation of High Achievers, Raise Personal Standards, Help Thousands of People Become Better Versions of Themselves, and Ultimately Make The World a Better Place.