• John Panepinto

3 Powerful Daily Habits To Build More Discipline In Your Life

I firmly believe discipline is the root of all good things.

Jocko Willink says it best - "discipline equals freedom".

When you have the discipline to eat the right foods, to exercise, and to get sufficient recovery - you will have the freedom to have the body you want, the freedom to feel good, and the freedom to live a long and healthy life.

When you have the discipline to work hard, learn, improve, and invest in yourself and becoming more valuable to the marketplace - you will have the freedom to achieve great results, and be rewarded for your efforts.

Discipline amounts to great things - whether it be financial freedom, a healthy body, or an abundance of great relationships.

But when you aren't disciplined - you lose out on the freedom of having these things.

So how does one become more disciplined?

Today I'm going to share with you three habits of mine that have enabled me to build strong discipline.

Habit #1 - Wake Up Early & Workout

My discipline all begins in the morning. When I wake up at 5:30am, and go to workout from 6am to 7am - I begin my day with something that is hard, but that I know is good for me.

Sure it'd be a lot more comfortable for me to 'sleep in' and hit that snooze button.

Sure it'd be a lot more comfortable for me to 'take the day off' from working out, or to just go after work.

But comfort doesn't get you results. It's in that sweet spot of the 'hard stuff' where the real results are. This is where you need discipline.

As creatures of habit, our days are often momentum-based. Our morning often influences the rest of our day, by sheer momentum.

This is why it is so important for you to begin your day with discipline.

Waking up early - is hard. But it's good for you.

You're up before the competition is.

Working out in the morning - is hard. But it's good for you.

When your competition is rolling out of bed, you've already got a win under your belt.

I'd highly recommend making it a habit to begin waking up early, and working out - first thing in the morning.

Continue to build that muscle, and in no-time - it will be just the way of doing things for you (as it has become for me).

Habit #2 - Take Cold Showers

Cold showers have grown tremendously in popularity over the last few years, and for good reason. They work!

Not only do they provide a tremendous amount of health benefits - such as reducing stress levels, right-sizing hormone levels, and reducing depression - but they also do a phenomenal job of strengthening your mind.

Cold showers are hard and uncomfortable - but they are good for you, and they build your discipline tremendously.

With how comfortable our society has become - we forget that our ancestors had no other choice but to take cold showers.

If they could do it - so can you.

Cold showers are a great way of building discipline and mental toughness, within the comfort of your own home.

Cold showers have taught me to lean into discomfort voluntarily. To go into what is uncomfortable, and override that inner voice of comfort.

I've noticed that after I wake up early, work-out, and take a cold shower - I'm so much more disciplined to hold the line on the other things in my day and in my life - such as my diet, eating healthy, working hard, reading, and doing things right.

You'll notice that, discipline often bleeds into other areas naturally. When you begin your day with discipline, you'll often carry it throughout the rest of your day.

Habit #3 - Read 10 Pages of a Book Each Night

Our phone's have taken over much of our attention. We spend hours per day on them.

One great habit you can adopt that will build your discipline, but also make you smarter, and put in position for a better sleep (win-win-win) - is to read 10 pages of a great book each night.

Everything about our phones has taught us to crave the dopamine hits and entertainment it provides.

The more that you can fight off this urge, and exercise control over your mind - the better.

Three years ago, I broke my habit of going on my phone at night. I don't touch my phone for the last 1.5 hours before bed.

One of the key parts to this, is reading 10 pages of a great book each night before bed.

Rather than scrolling or watching videos - put your phone away, and pick up a book.

The beauty of this is it's going to do three things, that are great for you:

(1) Break the habit of relying on your phone (which saps your valuable attention)

(2) Make you smarter - by learning from a great book

(3) Prepare you for a restful sleep - reading a book will naturally make you want to sleep

This is a great habit to adopt, that will improve your discipline.

In Closing:

The common theme in all discipline-building habits - is they are all often uncomfortable at first.

They are hard to implement, and hard to maintain - But over time, they becomes your way of doing things, and when discipline becomes your way of doing things - you are in a great spot to achieve those freedoms you're after.

Whether it be financial freedom, freedom to have your ideal body, ideal relationships, or ideal life - it is all only possible through discipline.

So what are you waiting for? Start implementing these today!

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