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Focus On The Right Things - The #1 Simple Mindset Shift To Succeeding In The Modern Era

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

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I recall watching an interview with Dan Pena (The Trillion Dollar Man) in which he was asked what all successful people have in common.

His answer? They focus on the right things.

We are currently in the information age; an infinite amount of information is available to us at our fingertips.

Tons of information sources are fighting for our attention on a day to day basis. Whether it be social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, or advertisements on YouTube and Google – each and every one of these platforms is constantly fighting for our valuable attention.

They’ve gotten so good at it, that we are hooked.

When you wake up in the morning one of the first things you probably do is check your phone (big mistake) - and you’re consumed into a black hole that starts your day off with bad momentum.

However - what most of don’t realize is that we’re actually wasting our daily bandwidth (attention, focus) on an excessive amount of meaningless media and information; and it costs us.

This bandwidth can be utilized much better and put towards things that will truly fulfill you and your purpose!

Today I am going to teach you how to take back control of your bandwidth, and make it work for you, rather than against you.

Bandwidth as a Currency:

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Your attention should be seen as a currency.

Just as there are 24 hours in a day, our bandwidth and attention is a limited resource each and every single day. There is only so many things we can focus in on, and by the end of our day; we’ve used a good amount of it and in need of recharging.

You must use your attention and focus wisely.

Especially at the beginning of your day - this is when your mind is most fresh, and you can truly put your best efforts into what is most important, and what has the biggest upside.

Whatever your goals may be – whether it be, financial freedom, building a business, excelling in a career, or building a great network of friends and family you will find that the areas you allocate your attention and time towards, is where you will always see your results.

Say you are 22 years old and you want to become a millionaire by the age of 25 years old – giving you 3 years to reach your goal.

If you’re like most 22 year old’s today – you likely spend roughly 4 hours per day using your phone.

Now - what does that 4 hours of phone information consumption look like?

Scenario A – the average 22 year old

You spend those 4 hours on your phone primarily doing the following activities:

- Scrolling through Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook browsing others’ lives

- Watching random YouTube videos with no relevance to your goals

- Tuning in to SnapChat’s discover page for news on celebrities and public figures

Scenario B – the 22 year old on their purpose

You spend those 4 hours on your phone primarily doing the following activities:

- Learning from successful people in your field, tuning in to relevant blogs, videos, and podcasts that enhance your knowledge

- Networking and providing value to others who will be important in you reaching your goals

- Leveraging selective phone apps that enable you to work more efficiently

In Scenario A – there is a minimal chance you become a self-made millionaire by 25 years old.

In Scenario B – you maximize your chances and will likely hit your goal of becoming a millionaire.

This is the reality many of us face. It is a daily choice we make.

It may seem overly simple but it really is the difference between someone who hits their goals, and someone who doesn’t – no matter how big they are.

It is the slight edge of improving yourself by even just 1% more each day that puts you leaps and bounds ahead of others over time.

Who Is In Control?

There is a clear cut difference in control in the above example between the two universes.

In Scenario A – you are reactive, and consuming all knowledge thrown your way by your phone (whether it is relevant to your goals or not). If YouTube recommends a video to you, you watch it.

In Scenario B – you are proactive, and you selectively consume information and allocate your attention only towards the outlets that help you reach your goals.

It is simply a matter of first, self-awareness – which I hope I have opened your eyes to.

Then secondly, discipline – the ability to resist those temptations and control what you allocate your own bandwidth towards.

Low ROI Habits (do not use your bandwidth on):

break bad habits

To make things simple, I have gathered a list of low ROI habits you should seek to minimize and cut out.

These are all habits that waste your bandwidth and likely do not progress you towards your goals.

Avoid the following:

- Scrolling through Social Media with no deliberate purpose

- Watching meaningless YouTube videos that do not advance you towards your goals

- Excessively tuning in to news outlets (sports, celebrities, politics, gossip websites)

It is fine to stay up to date with news outlets here and there – but they should never be excessive. Keep it at once or twice a day.

Be disciplined.

High ROI Habits To Add (use your bandwidth on):

upward spiral downward spiral

On the flip-side of things – I’ve recognized a few habits I recommend you do use your bandwidth on that will have a high ROI on you achieving your goals.

Depending on your hustle and what your goals look like – the sources you go to will likely vary.

Your phone should be used to maximize the following three areas for you:

1. Learning

2. Networking or Communicating More Efficiently

3. Working More Efficiently

Learning - this will include reading blogs, listening to podcasts, or watching videos that provide you with valuable knowledge and put you in better position to reach your goals.

Networking or Communicating More Efficiently – emailing, direct messages, text messages or calling are all great methods for communication that the phone enables. For those of you that value networking (and most of you should), these are all great tools that can be used for you to provide value to others.

Working More Efficiently – whatever your hustle is, there is an abundance of applications out there on the app-store that can likely make your day to day work/grind more efficient. Whether it be to-do lists, meditation apps, or design apps – these are all additional tools that can be used to make you make your work more efficient and effective.

Benefits of Optimizing Your Bandwidth:

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How you allocate your bandwidth and what you choose to ‘spend’ your attention on, on a day to day basis will be the differentiating factor between you either (1) hitting your greatest goals, or (2) you never truly touching them, and looking back with regret.

Your dreams are absolutely possible – they just require self-awareness, and discipline.

You’ll find it quite empowering when you fully take control of this and become selective with how you allocate your attention.

In today's world this is harder than ever. It is where most people go wrong, and why so many people are squandering their potentials more than ever before.

This is exactly why I created my eBook: