• John Panepinto

The Four Best Habits That Will Improve Your Life Tremendously

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

own the day own your life

As you embark on your journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself, you will soon become conscious of just how big of a role your daily habits play in shaping the life you have.

Great habits can and will improve your life tremendously.

Habits are the inputs and efforts you put fourth, that overtime, produce the outputs you experience (the life you have).

A lot of our habits and routines are unconscious; for example, brushing your teeth is often an unconscious habit – it is something you don’t have to think much about anymore, you just do it.

Given that your habits are directly tied to your results, the ability to become conscious of them and actually implement new ones that work in your favour, is extremely powerful.

Today I am going to give you four High ROI habits that are designed and proven to elevate your life and improve what matters most, YOU.

Importance of Building Good Habits:

great habits great life

Great habits, make great results and a great life.

Bad habits, make bad results and a bad life.

It’s as simple as that.

As you begin to take control of your life, you must also take control of your habits. Rid yourself of the bad and ugly, and implement the good habits. The process of this is as follows:

1. Take Inventory - become aware of your current habits as they stand (the good, the bad, and the ugly)

2. Take note of the low ROI/bad habits (anything that doesn’t progress you towards your goals)

3. Cut out the low ROI/bad habits

4. Replace those habits with high ROI habits

5. Rinse and repeat.

Common Low ROI Habits of Today Include:

  • Excessive Social Media

  • Watching Meaningless YouTube videos

  • Excessive Video Games (unless you’re aspiring for a career here)

  • Excessive Netflix, Movies, TV Shows

  • Excessive Drinking, and Partying

Note - I am not saying don't have fun. Fun is absolutely necessary to staying on course for the long run; you need to balance hard work with reward time. But as with anything, too much of something is no good. Reward time is an essential piece of every single day - but it should not be the bulk of your day, every single day.

If you are serious about your goals you must seek to minimize the low ROI actions. These are some of the sacrifices you must make, but they will be well worth it.

As my article on sacrifices mentions this, you must decide between a bit of sacrifice now (sacrificing short term pleasures for long term gain), or sacrifice in the future with regret (giving in to short term pleasures, but losing out on long term gain).

This trade-off is real, but it must be done and it will be well worth it in the long run.

The Habits Overview:

Now that you have identified some of your low ROI habits – here are four high ROI habits you should incorporate into your daily routine.

Each of these play a key role in helping you OWN your day.

1. Meditation

2. Introspection/Journaling

3. Reading

4. Cold Showers

Habit #1 - Meditation:

meditation habits

Every good habit plays its role in benefiting you. Meditation’s role is to clear your mind, ease your nerves, and enable you to focus on what really matters throughout your day.

Meditation has become a necessity - especially in this information intensive era we live in. It will make you think clearly, reduce stress, and enable you to focus on your purpose.

Meditation is quite simple - it is the practise of thinking deeply on your own breath and presence, without any distractions, for a period of time. You don’t think about the future, and you don’t think about the past – all you do is focus on your breathing and the present moment.

How To Meditate:

  1. Go somewhere quiet

  2. Sit on the floor cross legged, or sit upright in a chair.

  3. Set a timer for however long you want to meditate for (I recommend anywhere from 10-20 minutes)

  4. Close your eyes, and focus on your breath.

  5. As thoughts pop into your mind, don’t react to them. Simply acknowledge them and move on.

Very simple, but very powerful.

When I first began meditating I would meditate for upwards of 20 minutes. As I become more present, I reduced my meditation time to 10 minutes per session for times sake.

Three great times you could be meditating:

1. Mornings

2. Whenever you are stressed

3. Evenings before bed

The Role Meditation Plays in You Achieving Your Goals:

Meditation has a number of benefits:

  • Improved focus

  • Reduced anxiety

  • Increased presence

  • Improved serotonin production

  • Increased energy

  • More emotional stability

Meditation will remove that ‘brain fog’ feeling when you consume tons of information and will enable you to find your inner voice.

Your inner voice is essential for you cultivating your purpose and ultimately reaching your goals.

Without presence and without an inner voice, you will be swayed by outside purposes. Meditation is a great habit for preventing that.

Habit #2 – Introspection:

journal habits

Introspection’s role is to enable reflection. It will help you cultivate gratitude for your blessings, confidence from your past wins, and most importantly, room for improvement on ‘blind spots’ or areas where you can be better.

People don’t do this enough.

Over the course of history, one habit that all masters of their field have had in common is having a journal of some sort. Leonardo DaVinci, Thomas Edison, Nikola Tesla, and the list goes on – all visionaries practised introspection.

Introspection is the practise of reflecting on yourself (best done with a journal). It will open your eyes to your own flaws, weaknesses, strengths, as well as the opportunities before your eyes that you would have otherwise never considered.

How To Engage in Introspection:

I recommend incorporating introspection into both your morning routine and night routine.

I go deeper into this in my articles on morning and night routines but I’ll give you the jist of how the two differ.

Your morning routine introspection will focus on cultivating gratitude (write down 3 things you’re grateful for), confidence (write down 3 things you’re proud of), and setting your focuses for the day (write down 3 objectives you want to accomplish today that will help you grow).

Your evening routine introspection will focus on the wins from the day (write down 3), areas for improvement (write down 3), and accountability check if you accomplished what you set out to accomplish for the day (Y or N for each objective you identified in the morning).

Introspection is a great way to ensure you have purpose and focus behind each day, you’re improving each day, and you’re becoming more self-aware.

Habit #3 - Reading:

the more you learn the more you earn

The role of reading is to ensure you are learning and growing your knowledge each day.

Pick books that align with your goals, and passions. Reading the Harry Potter series isn’t necessarily going to progress you towards your goals – you want to be reading books from experts dedicated towards teaching you valuable skills or lessons that are required in you reaching your goals.

How To Create a Strong 'To-Read' List:

A great way to derive a list of books you should read is to map out what it is exactly that you want to improve at or become great at.

For me a few areas included:

  • I want to be a great salesperson

  • I want to be mentally strong

  • I want to be a great leader

Then based off of this, leverage google and what your mentors in those respective fields recommend as good reads. Grab those books as you go, and keep reading!

I read at least 10 pages per day at night. Not only does it prime me for bed, but it helps the knowledge sync into my sub-conscious over the course of the night.

This will keep you sharp, and will keep you learning and growing each and every day.

Habit #4 – Cold Showers:

wim hof cold showers

Cold Showers’ role is to build your will-power, discipline, and strengthen your mind for the day. With many obstacles likely to be thrown at you over the course of your day, you must be able to push through the hard-stuff and take control of your mind – cold showers do this for you.

The bigger your goals are, the more will-power and discipline will be required. I go deeper into this in my blog on building mental toughness.

On a biological level – cold showers has proven to promote a healthy immune system, help with weight loss, and reduce stress levels.

On a mental toughness level – cold showers are a proven way to improve your will-power and mental discipline. The more you pursue discomfort and hard situations, the stronger your mind becomes!

Taking cold-showers is a phenomenal way to do this.

How To Properly Take Cold Showers:

Given that it is also a great way to wake you up and increase alertness – I recommend employing this in your morning shower routine.

You want to ‘eat the frog’ (do the hard thing) as early as possible as you can in your day, so that the rest of the day’s challenges are not so difficult.

Start in baby steps – shower as you would, then spend the final 10 seconds of your shower session on the coldest knob, then gradually work your way up to longer periods of time.

It will be tough – but it is simply a test of how strong your will-power is.

Keep at it and you will begin to see the results trickle into other areas of your life – what seemed to be hard tasks before will become much, much easier. You will become mentally stronger from this.

The Bottom Line:

good habits success

Today’s habits shape tomorrow’s reality.

Now cut out those low ROI habits, and replace them with these four high ROI habits, and I promise you will never look back.

In doing so, each day you will be learning and growing through reading, becoming mentally stronger through cold-showers, easing anxiety and enhancing focus through mediation, and lastly becoming more self-aware through introspection.

Now - go get after it!

My Challenge To You:

Four new habits you must implement into your daily schedule:

  • Meditate for 10-20 minutes each morning

  • Implement the morning and night time journaling routine

  • Read 10 pages per day of a relevant book

  • Make cold showers a morning routine of yours