• John Panepinto

The Upward Spiral - How To Use Momentum To Succeed In All Areas of Your Life

Updated: Jan 21

upward spiral momentum

Ever wonder why successful people seem to keep achieving greater and greater levels of success?

Ever wonder why people with great relationships, tend to attract even more great relationships?

Or maybe you’ve noticed how people who have great lifestyles just seem to keep spiralling upwards. Why is that?

It’s because of momentum – the most powerful force in the world.

The most successful people in the world have all mastered gaining and using the force of momentum to their advantage.

Momentum is functioning in all areas of your life right this instant - your health, your wealth, your love/relationships, and your happiness.

Once you do learn how to use it, and you are able to get it rolling in the areas that matter most to you – your success in those areas will be hard to stop.

The good news for you is – in today's blog I am going prepare you for all scenarios.

Teaching you:

(1) how to jumpstart positive momentum (when you have none).

(2) how to break negative momentum (when you have bad habits).

(3) how to maximize positive momentum to reach greater heights (when you have good habits).

Let’s get to it.

Understanding Momentum:

how momentum works

Most people have heard the term before, but they don’t truly keep a pulse on it in the key areas of their life... nor do they consciously use it to their advantage.

They just let it be. They leave it up to their circumstances, and whether it works to their advantage or disadvantage is considered ‘out of their hands’.

That’s BS.

You should be pro-actively building it, harnessing it, and manipulating it in your favour – each and every single day in the areas that are most important to you.

How Momentum Works - The Snowball Effect:

snowball effect momentum

The best analogy for how momentum works is the ‘snowball effect’.

As a snowball rolls down a hill, it picks up more and more snow, growing in size and speed.

As the snowball keeps rolling down the hill, it gets bigger, faster, and harder to stop.

Obstacles that would have stopped the snowball earlier on, soon become no match for it’s force as it keeps in motion, getting bigger and bigger.

Before you know it – that tiny snowball has turned into a massive snowball that now cannot be stopped easily.

Now, whether that momentum is working for you and to your benefit (positive momentum), or against you and to your detriment (negative momentum) – is up to you.

The fundamental law still applies - momentum, once in motion, is hard to stop.

The Three Laws of Momentum:

In order to be able to actively use and manipulate momentum in your favour – you must know the three fundamental laws of momentum.

1. Once you get started, it is easier to keep going.

2. When you are in motion, it is harder to stop you (the power of habits).

3. As you keep going, you are stronger and more resilient.

Anyone who has tried starting a new habit or new life project knows that it can be a lot like trying to get a big boulder rolling. It’s very difficult at first.

In fact, ‘starting’ is often the hardest part.

But once you do start, and you get the ball rolling, it tends to get easier to keep going. You become harder to stop, and you become stronger and more resilient with the more you keep going.

The States of Momentum:

As mentioned at the start of this blog – momentum is actually functioning in all areas of your life right this instant.

There are three possible states that momentum will be in at all times for you.

Positive Momentum (consistent good habits; beneficial things become easier)

  • Which you can build upon, and ride to the very top; and actually leverage to have more success in other areas of your life.

  • Example – positive momentum in your physical health may give you the confidence to jumpstart and begin positive momentum in your career (wealth), love (relationships), and overall happiness.

No Momentum (not doing anything; need to jumpstart it by taking action)

  • Which is like being inactive. You must jumpstart this with motion or movement of some sort (taking action). A new habit is often one of the trickiest things to start and stick with – but once started, is often well worth it and becomes easier over time.

  • Example – Someone who has never rode a bicycle before will not have any momentum going for them when they try it for the first time; that only changes once they start trying it and practising. You cannot learn to ride a bicycle at a seminar, or by reading a book, you can only learn it by ‘taking action’ and doing it.

Negative Momentum (consistent bad habits; things that are detrimental to you become easier and harder to break the habit of)

  • This works against you, puts you farther away from your goals, and actually limits your overall potential. Negative momentum lives upon ‘bad habits’ – doing things and making decisions that aren’t good for you. It is just as powerful as positive momentum, and grows in power the more you do it, and becomes harder to break – but you can (and you must).

  • Example – Someone who is overweight and has been eating unhealthy food for the past 20 years will find it more difficult to break the habit of eating unhealthy food, than someone who is of average weight and dabbles in unhealthy food occasionally.

#1 - How To Jumpstart Positive Momentum:

gain momentum start

We usually all start with no momentum.

The problem is – we always assume that just because we don’t have any momentum in a particular area that we can never be good at it, or we assume that it is just ‘too late’.

The truth is - that is BS, and those are excuses that keep you where you are.

Don’t believe me?

Sam Walton founded Wal-Mart at 44 years old. Do you think he let his age hold him back from starting? NO – he just took action and started grinding.

George Foreman became Boxing Heavyweight Champion of the world at age 45. Do you think he considered himself too old or out of shape to be champ? NO – he just took action and started training.

Morgan Freeman’s first Hollywood role was at 52 years old. Do you think he considered himself too old to chase his dreams? NO – he just took action and started getting out there.

We always assume that just because we haven’t done something before, that we’ll never be able to do it.


What To Do:

So how do you build momentum in an area where you have none? You START.

No action only means no momentum – you will stay where you are forever, till you ‘start’ and get the movement flowing in some capacity.

The first step is always the hardest, but; any action will always be better than no action at all.

In turn, my two biggest pieces of advice are:

(1) Start small (baby steps) – make it as easy as possible to start.