• John Panepinto

Best Ways To Invest In Yourself - The #1 Secret To Unlocking Exponential Self-Growth

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

invest in yourself

LeBron James spends $1,500,000 USD each year taking care of his body. That is a lot of money.

By investing in his body, he is able to stay healthy, be on top of his game, and perform to the highest of levels.

This in turn has paid him back significantly – with a billion dollar endorsement from NIKE , a $40,000,000/year salary from the Los Angeles Lakers, and countless other income streams.

The power of investing in yourself is REAL.

Investing in yourself ALWAYS puts you in position to reach greater heights down the line.

If Warren Buffet didn’t invest time and money into improving himself, he would have never became the billionaire business magnate and investor he is today.

If Obama didn’t invest time and money into improving himself, he would have never became President of the United States.

Today I am going to teach you the true power of investing in yourself, and how you can begin investing in yourself in all areas of your life that matter – health, wealth, love, and happiness.

After-all … investing in yourself is a major time-saver. The better you become, the less time it takes you to reach your goals and the more you can enjoy!

The Two Resources You Have That Can Be Invested:

time and money invest in yourself

An investment of any kind requires resources.

You can’t invest in a stock, if you don’t have money.

You can’t invest in a business venture, if you don’t have time.

So what resources do we have at our disposal?


  • Time (can be used to build, learn, practise, perform anything valuable)

  • Money (can be used to acquire valuable tangible or intangible means)

At all times, you have resources.

Even if you don’t have money, you will always have time to build, learn, perform, or practise something that CAN get you even more resources (whether it be time or money).

The Trap Most People Fall Into With Their Resources:

Each and every day we have marketers and brands trying to sap us of our money in exchange for things that may not be in our best interest for the long term.

What does a fast-food burger do for you? It may satisfy you now, but your stomach and future health won’t be so satisfied.

We also have marketers and brands attempting to sap us of our valuable time, in exchange for attention that isn’t always deserved (e.g. snapchat news, random YouTube videos, or Netflix shows).

What does a random YouTube video on "fun facts of the universe" really do for you? It may entertain you now, but what value have you really attained from it? If you aren’t growing or learning something valuable from it that you can deploy in your own life – it’s likely a waste of time.

You should always be asking yourself – WHAT IS THE ROI? With all investments you make with your time and money.

It is an uphill battle being plugged in to the internet at all times - this is why you must cultivate discipline to avoid those low ROI investments.

As once you learn to invest in yourself, the benefits and returns become quite significant; and you’ll actually trigger a positive feedback loop that only gets stronger with the more success you acquire. In turn - success gets easier and easier.

Use your time wisely, and use your money wisely.

Don’t fall into traps where you are excessively giving away your valuable time and money, in exchange for things that don’t pay you back or contribute to you reaching greater heights.

Good Investments vs. Bad Investments In All Areas Of Your Life:

wolf of wall street script

Depending on your goals, whether an investment is good or bad will vary.

For example – a professional hot-dog eater’s eating habits and path to success will vary from a professional basketball player’s eating habits and path to success.

But let’s keep things simple and focus on the four core components of a great life – Health, Wealth, Love, and Happiness.

With time and money as your resources:

What are some good investments you can make?

And what are the bad investments you should avoid?

Investments In Your Health:

Good investments:

- Spend Your Time With – exercise, eating healthy, and meditating

- Use Your Money On – gym membership, healthy food, and vitamins

Bad investments:

- Buying junk food, procrastinating, lack of exercise, (and much more)

Investments In Your Wealth

Good investments:

- Spend Your Time With – working on your craft, educating yourself, and networking

- Use Your Money On – opportunity-enablers (e.g. studio-time if you’re a musician), putting yourself in positive environments, books, or training courses

Bad investments:

- Buying material items (jewelry, designer brands)

- Watching Netflix excessively or playing video games in excess

Investments In Your Relationships

Good investments:

- Spend Your Time With – doing things you enjoy with people you love, and celebrating special events

- Use Your Money On – experiences, meaningful gifts, and surprises

Bad investments:

- Doing things you don’t enjoy with people you don’t like, etc.

Investments In Your Happiness

Good investments:

- Time – doing things you enjoy, helping others, and trying new things

- Money – experiences and opportunity-enablers (e.g. going on a vacation or travelling)

Bad investments:

- Doing things you don’t enjoy with people you don’t like, etc.

- Not giving yourself a healthy balance of work, reward time, and self development throughout your day leads to burnout

Over-time, you will discover that these four areas are all interdependent. Success in one area, brings more success in the three other areas.

This success comes from making good investments in yourself.

Small Investments Can Have Tremendous Impacts:

small decisions have big impacts

The power of investing in yourself will reveal to you how small decisions can have tremendous impacts.

Think of a coin that sits on its side (neither heads or tails). It will only take a slight push for it to fall either way, on heads or on tails.

But once that coin falls either way, it will have tremendous impact and can cause many other dominos to fall.

All from a slight push.

It is this same philosophy that is behind the idea of investing in yourself with your time and money.

The daily decisions we make may seem small, but they have tremendous impacts.

You can either make good investments (as outlined above) that will further advance you towards your goals in health, wealth, love and happiness.

Or you can make bad investments (also outlined above) that will keep your goals out of your reach.

Either way – you are in control.

The Bottom Line:

lamborghini abundance success

Now you must ask yourself:

Are you investing your time and money in yourself in beneficial ways?

What things do you need to tighten up on?

What are your time-wasters? What are your vices?

Start using your time and money for good. Start investing in yourself.

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These investments in yourself will pay you back far greater than any other material item, fast food meal, or Netflix show ever will.

Now go get after it!

My Challenge To You:

Pick the one key quadrant of your life that is currently most important to you:

  • Cut out all of the bad investments you have been making in that area.

  • Identify and implement a few good investments you can make with your time and money in that area.