• John Panepinto

Stick To The Fundamentals - How To Keep Achieving Greater Levels of Success & Avoid Falling Off

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

lebron james fundamentals

We've all seen it before - someone who achieves great levels of success, and then falls off suddenly and abruptly.

You’ll have celebrities, professional athletes, and famous people who have it all, and seem as if they are on top of the world; and then suddenly… they fall from grace and the success they were enjoying diminishes, and disappears. They lose it all.

On the flip-side you also have people who seem to always achieve ground-breaking levels of success, and somehow manage to keep reaching new heights without ever wavering.

Jeff Bezos for example – he has a net worth of $100 billion dollars (probably more, by the time you read this).

What stops someone like that from saying “okay, that’s enough money. I’m satisfied”.

Instead – he seems to continuously breaking new ground and reaching higher and higher levels of success.

It's because those who keep rising - stick to the fundamentals. Those who fall off - stray away from the fundamentals.

Today I am going to teach you how to sustain your success, avoid falling off, and achieve even higher levels of success in any area or context you would like to apply this to - by sticking to the fundamentals.

Whether it be your career, sports, music, relationships, or really any field.

Take this philosophy with you.

The Underlying Reason People Fall Off:

why people fall off

There is a common variable in really every real world example you can think of where a fall-off happens.

At the root of it, fall offs happen when you stray away from your purpose.

When you stray away from your purpose, three things happen.

1. You stop doing the things that got your current level of success

You forget all about working hard, staying disciplined, doing the key things that gave you your success – and you begin giving in to temptations and external influences.

2. You become content with where you are.

You start to believe you’ve achieved enough. You forget about what you were initially striving for and what puts a fire in your belly. Without having that greater purpose to strive towards that you haven’t conquered yet, you feel as if you are fine where you are and there is no where else to go.

3. Without a new goal, you never discover what it takes to get to the next level.

Without focusing on a newer, greater goal – you don’t even consider looking into the road-map that would get you to that next level of success; in turn, you never take action towards it.

How To Avoid Falling Off - The Three Questions You Must Ask Yourself:

questions to ask yourself

Whenever you achieve success in some an area, and you want to elevate that success and avoid falling off. It is an absolute must that you answer these three questions for yourself.

1. What did I do that got me here/gave me this current level of success?

2. What do I want to accomplish next?

3. What will it take for me to get there?

In doing so, you recognize what you need to keep doing, what your next target is, and how you are going to get there.

I am not saying not to reward yourself, enjoy, or celebrate big wins and big accomplishments.

You should absolutely celebrate and enjoy the fruits of your hard work, to keep yourself motivated, happy, and balanced [plug balanced work day here via hyperlink].

But after the dust settles, you need to get after that next achievement and avoid falling off.

That is where these three questions come into play. Let’s dive a bit deeper.

Question 1 – What Got Me Here? (The Fundamentals)

the fundamentals dont change

What happens if you stop working hard? If you stop learning? If you cut off ties with your mentors? Or if you throw your discipline out the window and give in to all temptations.

You become extremely vulnerable.

Once you stop staying true to the fundamentals – you fall off.

I can’t stress the fundamentals enough.

When you achieve success in a given area; the first thing you need to recognize and remind yourself of is the actions you took, and the fundamentals that got you to where you are - which are so easily forgotten about.

In most fields the fundamentals will include things like:

- Hard work

- Discipline

- Constant learning

- Having mentors (people who are where you want to be)

If you fail to reflect and appreciate that the fundamentals were the ‘cause’ behind the success you are now enjoying – you will stop valuing them and in turn, stop doing them.

The main objective in asking yourself this question is to recognize and reflect on the high ROI habits that got you to where you are.

You want your success to serve as a positive reinforcement for the actions that got you there – so that you can go out and get more.

As you feel the benefits of your hard-work – always remember to tie that satisfaction back to the actions you took to get there.

It is a cause and effect relationship that you must never forget.

Question 2 – What's My Next Goal? (Keep Advancing)

set bigger goals

Recognizing your fundamentals is just one half of the puzzle. Recognizing the fundamentals will help you avoid falling off and maintain the level you are currently at.

But think to yourself – do you want to be where you currently are, 2 years from now? Will that same position you’re enjoying right now, mean as much in 2 years?

The answer is no – you absolutely must shift your focus to the next greater goal that you desire to strive for.

People who fail to re-shift and re-set their new and next goal become susceptible to losing sight of their purpose and feeling that there is nothing left to accomplish.

This is a scary position to be in.

A great example of this is a famous boxer by the name of Tyson Fury.

In November of 2015, Tyson Fury had just reached the pinnacle of Boxing, a place he had dreamed of as a kid.

He just beat the best heavyweight boxer of the past 15 years (Wladimir Klitschsko) to become the Unified World Heavyweight Champion of the world.

In accomplishing what he (thought) would be his life’s biggest challenge – he failed to re-adjust his target and strive for a new, greater goal (which could have been beyond boxing).

Believing he was at the top of the mountain - he tossed his fundamentals out the window, gave in to all temptations, and never set his sights on a new goal.

He gained a tremendous amount of weight (getting up to 385 lbs), became severely depressed, and was forced to relinquish his title belts.

Fury himself stated he didn’t know what was next and it put him in a very bad place mentally (and ultimately physically).

Thankfully he bounced back by re-implementing the fundamentals, setting a new goal, and striving for it.

But where did he go wrong that led to his fall off?

He failed to set a new goal. As cliché as it sounds – it is not the objective, but it is the journey that matters.

Without that new, greater goal, Tyson had nothing to strive to towards and no journey to stick towards.

So whenever you accomplish that objective you’ve been busting your but for – be sure to re-adjust your focus and ensure you are tackling a new, greater challenge soon after.

This will keep you progressing forward.

Question 3 – How Do I Get There? (The New Roadmap)

pathway to your goals

You know the fundamentals. You know where you want to go.

Now the question becomes – How do you get there? What will it take to get to that next level?

It will likely take a bit more than what got you to your last objective – so spend some time reflecting deeply on what exactly it is that you need to add to your strategy, habits, and skillset to achieve that next goal.

One of the best ways to approach this is to study someone who has already achieved that same goal you are now striving for.

Study their habits, recognize what they do differently in that field that you don’t do, and extract as much learnings as you possible can. Implement them.

The proof is in the pudding – the answer to this question will likely lie within this mentor or figure you are studying.

Reference Groups – Which Race Are You Running In?

One thing you must pay particular attention to is your reference groups – who you compare yourself to.

Successful Businessman and Rapper 50 Cent spoke about this – he mentioned that many people around him are amazed at how he seems to keep achieving greater levels of success.

Even beyond his rap career – 50 went on to make 100s of millions of dollars with Vitamin Water, star in award winning Movies, and much more.

He said the secret was that - he changed his reference groups, and ‘who’ he was racing against and comparing himself to.

When he was starting out, he stopped comparing himself to the tough individuals he grew up around in the local neighbourhood and started comparing himself to prominent rappers at the time.

When he achieved his pinnacle in the rap game, he stopped comparing himself to other rappers and started comparing himself to rappers turned businessmen (e.g. Jay Z, P-Diddy).

And now as he chases that new target, he compares himself to even greater business moguls.

The key behind reaching greater heights of success is to monitor your reference groups.

“If you want to fly with the eagles, then don’t swim with the ducks.” – T.Harv Eker

Keep raising the bar, and keep holding yourself to a standard higher than where you are now.

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My Challenge To You:

Break out your journal - think of an area that is really important to you, one in which you want to continue to achieve greater and greater levels of success in.

Write down:

a) the fundamentals and actions you took that gave you your initial success

b) what your next goal is in that area

c) what it will take for you to get to that next goal.