• John Panepinto

The Best Night Routine For Deep Sleep and Upward Spiral Success

Updated: Mar 6

best night routine

One of the most common things I hear from people who want to become more disciplined and focused, is that they don't know where to start.

If you're looking to get out of a rut, become more disciplined, or just flat-out get your life together - this article shares the best night routine that will help you do just that.

The truth is - tomorrow's morning is dictated by what you do this evening. Your preparation (or lack thereof) for tomorrow, will ultimately carry into tomorrow and either make you or break you.

Bringing consistency into your morning and night routines; is the absolute best way to establish discipline, positive momentum, and upward spirals in your life - especially if you are going through a difficult time.

Together, a great morning routine and a great night routine serve as the bookends to a great life.

Today I’m going to share with you probably one of the best night routines out there.

If you follow this routine regularly - you’ll find yourself well rested, and ready to tackle the next day with an enormous amount of focus, energy, drive, and wisdom each day.

Let’s get to it.

When Do You Need a Night Routine?

lack of discipline

Without a night routine – you’ll probably end up staying up later than you should, you’ll have a rough sleep, and you’ll miss out on the quick and easy opportunity to set yourself up for success with the next day.

All of this adds up to a less effective day starting that next morning that you wake-up. This then carries into the next day, and the next day - and so on, till it shapes up an entire week, month, year, and lifetime.

Your days matter. One squandered day may not seem like such a big deal – but in the big picture, those days add up over time into large opportunities missed for you.

This is why you need a night routine.

If you want to be on your A-game, be productive, and absolutely crush your day tomorrow – your regular nightly habits probably aren’t going to cut it.

  • Spending excessive time on your phone, watching videos, or scrolling social media before bed - makes you tired and unfocused the next day.

  • Watching Netflix shows or movies before bed - keeps you up later than you should be and eats into your valuable recovery time (7-8 hours of sleep should be your target) .

  • Partying when you shouldn't be (no-brainer) - is going to make you groggy and unmotivated the next day.

No matter how good your morning routine is, or how well you prepare for a day, the day of – what you do the night before will always have a tremendous impact on how effective you can be that next day.

It literally puts a ceiling on how effective you can be that next day - how good your night routine is, determines how high that ceiling can be.

If you are in the habit of squandering the night before, it’ll always slow you down and impact your whole next day – and so from this, a vicious cycle occurs and repeats.

You blow it the night before – you wake up tired, groggy, unfocused and, your day crushes you.

Spread this out over long periods of time, more and more squandered nights (and days) – and you’ve let tremendous opportunities for progress and breakthroughs pass you by.

The opposite is also true however, and there is a large opportunity in implementing a night routine – if you crush it the night before with your routine, do the right things (which we’ll get into), you’ll be setting yourself up for a great day the next day in which you crush it.

From this a virtuous cycle occurs and repeats, spiralling you upwards.

You crush it the night before – you wake up energized, focused, and ready to own your day (and your life)!

P.S: a night routine isn’t necessary everyday – especially if you use your weekends to relax and have fun. I suggest using a night routine only on the nights before your work days, or the days where you want to be productive! It’ll be well worth it.

What Makes a Great Night Routine:

A great night routine hits home on four key results:

  • Introspection

  • Preparing You For The Next Day

  • Relieving Stress & Relaxing You

  • Preparing You For Deep Sleep / Subconscious Programming


Nagging thoughts can keep you up all night – it is important to engage in self-reflection/introspection to get these nagging thoughts out of your mind and onto your journal paper.

This is why it’s important to engage in introspection before bed; it’ll get these nagging thoughts out of your mind and onto your journal paper – allowing you to close the book on the previous day and relax.

Each day of yours will have its own fair share of wins, losses, and learnings on what you did that day – within each of those, are valuable insights that will lead you to becoming a much better version of yourself.

Don’t neglect your actions, don’t neglect your losses, and don’t neglect your wins.

You must learn to acknowledge them each day, and learn from them. Once you do that – you can truly close the book on a day and get the most out of it.

A great night routine will include introspection to ensure that you learn all that you can from the previous day, reflect on it, and ultimately close the book on it – so that you don’t have nagging thoughts keeping you up all night.

Preparing You For The Next Day:

This sets you up for success; by enabling you to perform better and focus on what’s important.

Preparing yourself for tomorrow is important because it sets you up for success; by enabling you to perform better tomorrow and to focus better tomorrow.

Extend these high-performance, highly focused days out over a long period of time – and it is inevitable that you achieve your goals (whatever they are).

There is a reason why Mark Zuckerberg has tomorrow’s clothes neatly laid out for him before he goes to bed, and has a wardrobe that minimizes decision making (all his clothes are the same!).

Doing this allows him to focus his energy and thoughts on more important decisions relating to his purpose/work, tomorrow.

Why would you want to exhaust your thoughts on small decisions like ‘what should I wear today’? when you could be using your thoughts on things like “how can I make more money today?” or “how can I achieve X goal?”

Again – having all your clothes be the same is an extreme; however, the fundamental truth is there – you can set yourself up for success tomorrow, by eliminating low ROI decisions / activities and doing them the night before.

Doing simple things like preparing your clothes the night before, preparing your to-do list the night before, and by doing meal preps for the week each Sunday – you’re going to save a ton of time, energy, and focus (mental ‘freshness’) – and save your brain-power for the more important things in your life.

For the small fraction of time these things take to do – they pay far bigger benefits the next day; and it is noticeable.

Relieving Stress & Relaxing You:

Without relaxing yourself or relieving stress before bed; your mind will be racing and keeping you up all night – it is important to relieve stress & relax yourself before bed.

Without relaxing your mind and relieving stress before bed – your mind will have your thoughts continuously racing, and keeping you up all night.

Especially after a long day of grinding, being out and doing things, your mind has become so accustomed to being stimulated, and thinking at a rapid pace throughout the day - it is absolutely crucial that you gradually wind it down before bed and begin to relax it, before you sleep.

A great night routine will account for this; it’ll relax you, relieve stress, and prime you for sleeping.

Preparing You For Deep Sleep / Subconscious Programming:

Hypnotherapy is real.

Our minds are not rigid, they are adaptable, flexible, and change over time. On top of this, it’s been scientifically proven that our minds absorb messages while we sleep (almost in a hypnotic state).

This is why it is important that you monitor and ensure that your last thoughts before bed are growth-oriented, or are in favour of your goals. Your mind will be taking note of these thoughts, and actually be rewiring your belief systems for the next 7-8 hours while you sleep.

Would you rather your last thoughts before bed/hypnotherapy be in relation to that Family Guy episode you’re watching?

Or would you rather them be in relation to your dream life, conquering important challenges, and achieving the ambitious goals you’ve set for yourself?

The Ultimate Night Routine:

The ultimate night routine is as follows:

1. Prepare Tomorrow’s Clothes & To Do List

2. Warm Shower

3. Minimize Light & Put Your Phone Far Away From Your Bed

4. Nightly Journal Routine

5. Meditate

6. Read