• John Panepinto

The Gladiator Mindset - How To Stop Making Excuses & Conquer Life

Updated: Dec 26, 2020

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There is a particular mindset that must be adopted to achieve great levels of success.

A mindset in which you stop making excuses, stop blaming people, and stop complaining. You throw entitlement out the window, conquer all obstacles, and achieve what you set out to achieve – regardless of what your circumstances are or what gets thrown your way.

It is a no-excuses, ‘gladiator’ mindset.

Some of you may have had a taste of this mindset in short periods of time, but couldn’t put your finger on what got you there and what exactly it was.

All you know is – you felt unstoppable, and were relentless towards your objectives.

Today I am going to teach you how to adopt this powerful mindset so that you can use it to better your life.

Two Types of Mindsets You Can Have:

strong mind vs weak mind

The results you achieve will always stem from your mindset. It begins and ends with your mindset. That is why understanding this binary mindset is so essential.

Beliefs and thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions -> Results -> Beliefs and thoughts

*and the cycle repeats*

There are two-frames of mind you can come from at all times; (1) that of an action-taker, or (2) that of a complainer.

These two frames of mind are characterized differently:


- Process oriented

- Growth mindset

- Failure = opportunity to grow

- Inspired by the success of others

- Effort and attitude determines your success

- You can accomplish anything you put the time into

- Puts the blame on themselves (takes accountability)


- Not process oriented (take small sample sizes and blow them out of proportion)

- Fixed mindset

- Failure = limit of your abilities

- Jealous of the success of others

- Feedback and criticism are personal

- Believe your potential is predetermined

- Puts the blame on others (avoids accountability)

On one-end, you have the action-takers – who simply take action. They don’t care if something goes wrong, they understand that it is simply part of the process, they take the feedback, get back up on their feet, adjust, and get back to taking action – over and over again till they get it right. They are relentless.

On the other-end, you have the complainers – who simply complain, make excuses, and find millions of reasons as to why they aren’t taking action and why everyone else’s success is ‘luck’. It is always someone else’s fault, or it is out of their hands to them.

The reality is – the action-taker mindset is at the root of all successes and triumphs, and the complainer-mindset is at the root of all failures and downfalls.

The Cost of Being a Complainer:

beliefs thoughts feelings actions results

The complainer mindset results in procrastination, complaining, excuses, and everything except taking action.

Without taking action, you get lacklustre results – which then continues to re-enforce those beliefs and thoughts.

The complainer mindset should be something you fear. It arises from entitlement, lack of challenges, relying on others too much (e.g. your parents) and simply not taking matters into your own hands.

The complainer mindset is at the root of all downfalls.

Take our ancestors for example – they had no chance but to be action-takers. If they were complainers who made excuses and didn’t take action, they wouldn’t get out there and hunt food, build shelter, or find water.

Complainers would go extinct.

The Pay-Off of Being an Action-Taker:

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The action-taker mindset results in focus, drive, and pure action-taking.

Over-time, as these action-takers keep getting back up on their feet, making adjustments, and adapting – their impressive results begin to appear and grow exponentially.

Just as the feedback loop goes, these positive results, then further reinforce the action-taker mindset (beliefs and thoughts) and encourages even more action, leading to greater and greater results.

The action-taker mindset is something you should strive for each and every day. It often arises naturally from ‘sink or swim’ situations where your back is against the wall; but with focus and the right motivation triggers you can adopt this mindset each and every day; and become a conqueror of your day.

The action-taker mindset is at the root of all triumphs and successes.

Every successful person you can think of, adopted the action-taker mindset during their come-up.

Our ancestors were pure action-takers. Rain, snow, or thunderstorm – they had food to hunt, shelters to build, and water to find. Survival was a must, and taking action was the only option.

Not only do action-takers survive, but in modern-day – they thrive.

How To Adopt The Action-Taker Mindset:

jocko willink take action

So how exactly does one adopt the action-taker mindset?

Beliefs -> Feelings -> Actions -> Results

Based off of this framework, there are two main approaches you should take to adopt the action-taker mindset. I recommend implementing both simultaneously to stack the odds in your favour.

Approach #1 – Changing Your Beliefs and Thoughts

What it is – This entails first changing your mindset (your beliefs and thoughts), and then ultimately taking action in doing so. Just from reading this blog you are already working towards changing your beliefs and thoughts. The goal here is to go from a fixed mindset into a growth mindset and understand that all change comes from a process:

What it does to make you an action-taker – Now once your beliefs and thoughts have begun to change into that of a action-taker; your feelings will align with this, and ultimately make you start taking action.

Beyond that, it is on you to be disciplined enough, to keep taking action. Over time, your results will begin to trickle in and you will find yourself in a positive feedback loop towards success – where your results begin encouraging your own thoughts and beliefs.


- Affirmations (write down your new desired thoughts/beliefs starting with “I am ...”, read them every morning and night till they are ingrained into your regular thinking)

- Educating yourself (reading, podcasts, etc.)

- Put yourself in a positive feedback environments (putting yourself around mentors, colleagues who will encourage you, hold you accountable, and provide feedback to you as you grow and take action)

Approach #2 – Taking Action (regardless of how you feel)

What it is – This entails leading with action. Regardless of what your thoughts/beliefs are, and regardless of how you feel – you push past those with logic, and decide to simply take action.

What it does to make you an action-taker – This approach takes mental toughness/discipline and the ability to conquer your fears. This approach is powerful because by taking action first, you begin to see improved results. These improved results then begin to ultimately change your thoughts and beliefs, encouraging your feelings, and encouraging you to take further action towards even greater results.


- Start with your body – working out, or exercising

- Start with your mind – reading, or medit