• John Panepinto

The Power of Decisiveness - Knowing Exactly What You Want & Going For It

In today's world of information overload - we have more options than we've ever had before.

There's more ways of doing things, there's more things to aim at, and more options than there has ever been before in human history.

This can often put you in a position of feeling like you're being pulled in several directions at once, and also feeling like you don't even know where to start.

So what is one to do? What is one to do, when you have 100 different directions you can go in your life? For your career, for how you spend your time, for your diet, for the relationships you pursue, and the overall direction of your life?

In this age of information overload, I've found that it is more important now than ever to develop the skill of decisiveness and clarity, in all things that we do and in all areas of our life.

We must know what we're aiming at, and we must seek alignment.

This one trait - can and will, single-handedly transform your life, and will get you the results you want.

In today's blog I'm going to teach you how to cultivate decisiveness, and how it'll transform your life.

The Cost of Not Knowing What You Want:

When you're not clear about what you want, what you're aiming at, or what you're hoping to achieve - you will not land where you want to be.

The challenge is this - if you're unsure of what you're aiming at, in any area of life, then there will be no rhyme or reason behind the decisions you make. Your actions will be 'out of alignment'.

If you have no idea of what your ideal financial situation looks like - then decisions such as:

- What career should I pursue?

- How much money do I want to make?

- How should I spend my time?

- What should I spend money on?

- How much should I save?

All become questions, with no real answer. When there's no real answer - some days you may go one way, and some days you may go the other way. This doesn't progress you forward over the long-run, it actually just keeps you where you are or even makes you worse than before.

The same thing goes for all other areas of your life.

If you don't know what your ideal health situation looks like - you will likely find yourself spinning your wheels: eating bad food, not exercising, and not getting enough sleep - without any true consistency.

Not knowing what you want, is the very first challenge you must solve - in your path to becoming a better version of yourself.

Decisiveness - The First Step To Real Results:

As I reflect on my own life, and where my biggest breakthroughs have come from - I've noticed they've all come from times in which I was very decisive.

When I made a decision, and stuck to it. I stopped second-guessing, I stopped overthinking, I stopped over analyzing things - I just got out of my own way, and got out of my own head, made a decision, and went for it.

This is what I want. This is why I want it. This is how I'm going to go get it.

Decisiveness is defined as "the ability to make decisions quickly and effectively."

It is knowing what you want, why you want it, and what you must do to get it.

It is the cure to that feeling of 'being blown around life like a leaf in the wind'.

It's for this reason that you want to be decisiveness in all areas of your life.

You should know what you want from your health, your wealth, your relationships, and your happiness. This should be step 1 for you.

Stop second-guessing, stop waiting, and stop over-thinking. Just make a decision, and go for it.

Why It Works & What It Does:

So what happens when you're clear about what your goals are and what you're aiming at?

It makes daily decision-making much easier, and it naturally brings you into perfect alignment.

If you know you want to be in great shape, live a long life, and have a great mind - all of a sudden, eating healthy, getting enough sleep, exercising consistently, meditating, reading, and doing other great things become the clear course of action. Day after day. No other way to do it.

If you have goals of losing weight - your trip to the grocery store will be a much simpler process, and the things you decide to put into your body will often be much better choices that align with what you're going for.

The same goes with your wealth and your career - if you know you want to be a top-performer (the "decision"), you're going to begin making additional decisions in alignment with that goal.

Without knowing what you want and making the "decision" of what your end-result is - you won't have consistency in the additional decisions you make, and you will be out of alignment.

This is why our ancient ancestors, who had far less choices than us, were able to bring the human race this far and to the state of abundance it is in today. They had no choice but to be decisive. They may have had their backs against the wall, but the beauty of having less options, is they had no choice but to make it work.

This is the attitude you need, to reach your goals. We have no choice, but to make it work.

This creates urgency and will-power.

Top 3 Strategies To Become More Decisive:

So how does one become more decisive?

How does one build the muscle of 'getting out of your own way, and just doing it'.

There's three strategies I use that have made me into a much more decisive person, that I want to share with you.

Strategy #1 - Write Down Your Goals & What Your Ideal Life Looks Like

The very first thing you should be doing is sitting down, and writing down your goals in all areas of your life.

You should know exactly what your ideal life looks like. The more clear you are in your goals, the better you will be in achieving them.

Don't just say "I want to make more money." - because I can give you 5 dollars, and there you have it, you have more money.

Instead say "I want to make $x amount per year, by x date.".

Do this for all areas of your life. Your health, your wealth, your relationships, and your happiness.

Identify what you want, what it looks like, and when you want it.

This is the first step in bringing yourself back into alignment, in that it now gives you an aim.

Strategy #2 - Take Cold Showers (Building Mental Override)

Why do Cold Showers cultivate decisiveness?

Simple - it teaches you to act without hesitation and without overthinking.

It builds the mental muscle of 'getting out of your own way, and just doing'. Just pure action.

When you turn the shower knob ice-cold, your mind will be telling you all kinds of things to stay comfortable and avoid the cold water - but you need to push past this and practise mental override, and step right into it.

It's a great way of teaching you to lean into discomfort voluntarily, but also a great way of teaching you to make decisions swiftly.

Cold showers have become second nature to me now - I get in, turn that shower knob ice-cold, and step right in with no hesitation.

I've found this makes me a lot more decisive throughout my day, and as a person.

Strategy #3 - Make a Plan, Work The Plan

The final strategy is to get good at making plans, and working the plan.

When you know what you're aiming at by narrowing in on your goals (strategy 1) - the next evolution of this is to narrow in on 'how you're going to get there'. This is where you need to be decisive in your actions, and what actions will be in alignment with your goals.

When you make a plan, it gives you something to stick too and makes your future decisions much clearer.

By making a plan - you'll not only know where you're going, but you'll also know how you're getting there and what you must do on a daily basis.

The more that you can be clear in both your goals, and your plans - the more decisive you will be, and the less ambiguity you will have to deal with.

My Challenge To You:

In closing - despite the abundance of options and information int today's world, you must cultivate the skill of decisiveness, picking a goal to aim at, making a plan, and knowing what you must do to get to it.

This is something worth getting great at, and it will pay you back ten-fold.

When you're able to make great decisions swiftly, you will get to where you want to go sooner, and will reduce time spent on over-analyzing, and over-thinking things without making any real tangible progress.

If you want to become more decisive, my challenge to you is this:

  • Write down your top 3 most important goals in life

  • Make cold showers a habit

  • Write down a plan to achieve your 3 most important goals

Decisiveness is the first step to getting real results!


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