The Root of All Greatness

I believe the root characteristic behind all who achieve greatness (of any form) is - having a strong purpose.

A mother with a strong purpose to protect and provide for her family will go to great extents to protect, provide, and raise that family.

A student taking a 'make or break' exam, who knows there is a lot on the line if they don't perform - has a strong purpose, and will often go to greater lengths to prepare well and do well.

A parent who knows they have to put food on the table for their family, has a strong purpose - and will in turn - go to great lengths to do just that.

And what about the opposite? What if there is nothing on the line, or no consequences if they don't do what they need to do? Then they don't have a strong purpose, and in turn their will, and the extents they will go to, to get what they want - will not be there, and they often will let it slip past them.

A strong purpose comes down to how bad you truly want something, and how bad you are willing to sacrifice to get that thing - whatever it may be.


A Purpose is the fuel that drives all meaningful action and results. 


Purpose gives you what you need to break through obstacles and push through godly amounts of adversity. 


When you are truly fuelled by a Purpose, you cultivate a ‘do or die’ mentality. The dog in you comes out.


You work harder than others, you put in extra time, you make sacrifices, you go the distance, and you find ways to stand out and separate yourself from the pack.


Look at anyone who achieves greatness. I mean anyone - in sports, business, and any aspect of life - they all carry this mentality with them.


Over time, this additional work you put from having a strong purpose, adds up. It may not seem like it - but overtime it puts you leaps and bounds ahead. Even if it is just progressing by 1% each day.

Overtime - having a strong Purpose, with consistent Action towards that Purpose - makes anything possible.

Through the help of great mentors hundreds of books read, thousands of podcasts, and thousands of hours put into taking action - I've found my purpose, and am actively pursuing it every day.


I haven’t learned everything yet, and I am going to keep learning - but with that, during that journey and process - I’ve made major breakthroughs in many areas, I've risen above tremendous adversity, and have acquired so much valuable knowledge along the way.


In turn, I’ve decided to share with you all the valuable learnings, lessons, and practises I’ve learned from my own journey - so that YOU too, can begin your real journey towards becoming the best version of YOU, discovering and pursuing your life’s purpose, maximizing your potential and ultimately building and living your best possible life. 


After all - for all we know, we only get one chance at life; so why not make it great?


 This is why Purpose & Action exists.


To help you find your purpose in life (establish direction), and give you all the mental tools, systems, and practises you need to take meaningful action towards your goals, and make major breakthroughs with the obstacles you face.